Long Beach Civic Center

The new Long Beach Civic Center project provides a revitalized civic core to serve local residents and businesses, attract visitors and provide safe and efficient city operations to serve the citizens of Long Beach. The $520 million design-build-finance-operate-maintain civic center will replace the old city hall and will provide efficient new offices for the Port of Long Beach. It will also provide a new city library, a retail marketplace and a revitalized Lincoln Park that will serve the residents of Long Beach for years to come.

Waterloo Light Rapid Transit

Stage 1 of this passenger rapid transit system includes 12 miles of tracks, 16 stations and 14 tram sets that will serve the residents Cambridge, Kitchener and Waterloo. The project scope for this $535 million design-build-finance-operate-maintain contract also includes 13 substations and the Operations and Maintenance Storage Facility.

State Street Redevelopment

The State Street Redevelopment project is modifying traffic patterns on State Street though the Purdue University campus, downplaying the corridor's historical use as a highway through-route and helping to establish the corridor as a destination for residents, students and visitors. The $72 million design-build-finance-maintain project promotes multimodal features, including bike paths, pedestrian walkways, and street lighting, with the goal of enhancing safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers throughout Purdue and West Lafayette.

Midtown Tunnel Project - Norfolk and Portsmouth, VA 

The Elizabeth River Tunnels Public-Private Partnership (P3) project is located in the cities of Norfolk and Portsmouth, Virginia. MEC’s work included construction and pre-construction services for electrical systems for the new Midtown Tunnel and Martin Luther King Expressway, and rehabilitation of the existing Downtown and Midtown Tunnels. Through 2017, MEC worked with SKW Constructors, a Skanska, Kiewit, Weeks Marine Joint Venture. Work consisted of the replacement of the power systems, installation of a new fire alarm, security and air monitoring systems, and the start of an integrated Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), which will be connected throughout the entire project. A new conduit rack system was installed in a manner to provide easy access for future owner maintenance. Existing tunnel lighting was replaced with an efficient LED Tunnel Lighting System, and MEC provided power and control feeds for new jet fans, which are equipped to withstand a 10MW fire event. For more details on this project: https://www.masselec.com/our-work/industrial/special-systems/midtown-tunnel-project/.

WMATA Rehab Red Line - Washington, D.C.

This project involves the rehabilitation of the District of Columbia’s oldest transit corridor using multiple procurement methods. This best value fixed price project includes design-build bid items, bid-build bid items, and the remainder is JOC (Job Order Contracting) work. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Redline Project covers 6-miles of third rail-powered double track in a tunnel and on elevated guide-way. Get the details on the scope of work for this project.

Delaware River Bridge Security System  
Penn. and N.J.

Mass. Electric Construction Co. (MEC) was the prime contractor for the installation of this security system on 18 bridges over the Delaware River. The project spaned over 140 miles in length and also includes seven facilities. The scope of work includes installing 300 CCTV cameras. The contract is administered under split milestones; the first five sites were completed in 13 months from issuance of NTP and the remaining facilities must be completed 19 months from issuance of NTP. The contract includes a three-year maintenance period with a two-year option to extend the maintenance period to a total of five years. Read more about the scope of work for this project